82 Hz and ELF Grabber at DL0AO, Amberg, Germany

(updated 2020-09-16)

Snapshot of a fast ZEVS transmission using 10 second symbols (2018 Feb 02, 45.8 mHz FFT, 5 s scroll)

ZEVS (Kola Peninsula Transmit Facility, 2475 km) at 82 Hz and Schumann resonances (7.63 mHz FFT, 1 minute scroll, DL0AO E-field)

ZEVS carrier phase vs 81.9999884259 Hz reference (424 uHz, 10 min, top: colours R-G-B-R for advancing phase, bottom: plot, data)

82 Hz received by Edgar J. Twining, Moonah, Tasmania

ZEVS in Moonah, 15285 km (phase colour, 476 uHz, 10 min, E-field antenna, data)

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